After All This Time



(2007) A top talent-powered album of rock and soul infusion that is sure to get you movin'. Recorded in collaboration with one-time Moon Boot Lover crew member Johnny Trama, and featuring an all-star cast including Eric Kalb (Deep Banana Blackout), Nate Wilson (Ghosts of Jupiter), Tommy Benedetti and Nate “Silas” Richardson (John Brown's Body), Gary Wicks, DJ Mister Rourke, Paul Ahlstrand, Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Brian Thomas, Rob Mercer, and Gary Backstrom.

  01. Friends 04:10
02. Lost The Best Woman 04:20
  03. Bitch 04:25
  04. After All This Time 03:04
05. NYC 05:46
  06. These Days 04:05
  07. Sin City 04:22
  08. Coming From Everywhere 03:23
09. Love is Good 04:08
  10. Let's Say Goodbye 04:10


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