Great Bright Horses Poster

Full-color 18"x24" poster featuring a variation of The Great Bright Horses album cover by artist Robin Gnista. These are printed on luxurious, heavy 12pt gloss stock and look absolutely stunning once framed.

March 2016 Shows Print

11x17 commemorative prints from the sold-out "Color in Bloom at 17" anniversary shows back in March, 2016. Masterfully printed on luxurious, heavy paper stock, these both look and feel like a treasure for all of time. There's also a very limited number of copies AUTOGRAPHED by the entire band, all priced to move!

Labor Day Show Poster

These posters were printed for Dr. Westchesterson's FIRST EVER headlining, solo show at Captain Nick's on Block Island.  These are the ACTUAL leftover posters.  Because the Dr. carried these around Block Island in a backpack, some may show slight creasing.  Once these posters are sold out, NO MORE WILL BE PRINTED EVER! 

“In Like a Lion” Tour Poster

These posters were shipped off to Nectar's in Burlington, Bishop's in NoHo, The Spot in Providence, and Headquarters in Agawam as promotional materials for the Dr.'s first ever bona fide tour.  And what a tour it was!  Remember when the fire alarms went off in Providence?  Remember when the Dr.'s keytar died in Agawam?  Neither do we.  We were too wasted.  But we heard we had a GREAT time!

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