Bondi’s Island Tee




Don't get the joke?  You must not be from the 4-1-3.  Don't sweat it.  Bondi's Island is one of Western Massachusetts most cherished landmarks.  Legend has it that Admiral Bondi first discovered this sweet-smelling parcel of land on his first trip up the Connecticut River in a brown, hollowed out log.  Something about the mix of manure-rich soil (courtesy of a pack of wild Holsteins that called the island home) and the introduction of prized rose-bushes stolen from Elijah Dickinson's (great great great grandfather of Emily Dickinson) homestead in 1669 gave the area a unique aroma that carried for miles.

  • Premium Fitted Crew by Next Level Apparel
  • Men's / Unisex sizes (women may prefer to order one size smaller)

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