(2006)  With a playful intensity of horns and bass-driven, soulful funk grooves, The Lost Onion offers up it first full-length studio release. The variety of styles on this album range from straight-up funk to extremely danceable Latin jazz, where a 3-piece horn section and full percussion really set the tone. The vocals here are golden as well, flowing through the pipes of a woman who holds genuine soul and experience inside of her. The songs here blend sophisticated melodies and harmonies with sharp, story-like lyrics that offer snapshots of Jen Kearney's world.

01. Pick Yourself Up 04:41
  02. Warm Bath Eyes 05:37
03. Grandpa 06:26
  04. Forgiven 05:51
05. Patience Child 06:14
  06. Amity 06:45
  07. Pantomine 06:05
  08. Let It Itch 05:35
  09. Can I Get an Amen? 05:13
  10. Plena De La Cebolla 02:36


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