The Year of the Ox



(2009)  The second studio offering from The Lost Onion, where the title song “The Year of the Ox” was spawned by a placemat that depicted the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. That prompted research by Jen into some deeper Eastern philosophy and led to the discovery of the sacred Ox Herding Pictures. The story of this album is loosely based on those pictures as they apply to taming one's mind, all presented in the diverse musical fashion that is unmistakably The Lost Onion. With funky grooves, silky transitions, infectious chorus lines, and deep lyrical content, this is one album that makes a remarkable artistic statement.

  01. Born 01:57
  02. Abandoned 02:41
  03. To The Moon 07:14
04. Succotash Blue 05:13
  05. Bossa Nova Stereo 05:33
  06. Lunar Interlude 01:53
  07. Prime Meridian 05:14
  08. Trudge 02:14
09. Gentle and Precise 05:52
10. Year of the Ox 07:19
  11. One in the Same 02:39
  12. Oxen Free 05:56
  13. Across Reprise 00:55


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