Never Knew Caroline

(2017) “Singer Greg Klyma has been quietly perfecting his craft — and it all comes to fruition on this lovely, sometimes bittersweet but always intelligent new album. Klyma has an alluring, folk-country style and voice that falls somewhere between Steve Earle and Richie Furay of the old Buffalo Springfield. He gathered some heavy-hitters to play with him in guitarists Gurf Morlix and Bill Kirchen, whose artistry elevates this record to an uncommonly high degree. Klyma is no stranger to soured love relationships — and his need for healing is apparent in the title track and a couple of other tunes suffused with intimacy and poetic, heart-probing detail. There is hope in these grooves, though, when he realizes in the darkly challenging ‘Down in the Mouth’ that ‘things are looking up.’ Klyma is a true, throwback troubadour who also appreciates comic relief, as when he lightens up in the raucous ‘Ex-Girlfriends Cost Less Money than Ex-Wives.’ That sounds like a stadium singalong, but most of this album has a more meditative feel which shows Klyma continually emerging as an articulate, first-rate songwriter.” –Steve Morse (Boston Globe, Berklee College of Music)

The Great Bright Horses

(2016)  The Great Bright Horses, the second independent full-length release, draws upon the experimental flute-prog of Traffic and King Crimson, the exploratory elements of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, and the modern psychedelia of Tame Impala, Midlake, and Dungen.

“...recalls the halcyon days of double gatefold vinyl and perfectly weathered denim and suede.” –Dirty Impound

Tales From The Oregon Trail

(2016)  Tales From The Oregon Trail is an energetic journey through some of AOD's strongest material, recorded live in concert in Portland, Oregon on 12-12-14. The 10-track release is ripe with both intricate electric improvisation and wood-tinged acoustic intimacy, creating a sound that AOD founder and frontman Reid Genauer has endearingly dubbed “face-melting folk rock.” Among the road-tested tunes on Tales From The Oregon Trail are “All That I Am Now” and “Samuel Aging,” as well as the premiere of Genauer's solo-acoustic cover of Neil Young's “Comes a Time.”

Age of Blame

(2014)  In a pre-release review from Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald, Kearney’s “…booming soul voice and smart, tight songs provide the pillars of the eight tunes. But her band adds some awesome voodoo.” And according to freelance reviewer, Bill Copeland: “There is a more easeful flow coming from her instrumentation and she sings with greater eloquence. Kearney shows more tasteful self-restraint than ever, and she offers more fine touches throughout this album than her previous recordings.”

Found Sound II - 6/21/2013

(2014)  The 2nd installment of AOD's live Found Sound series featuring a show from Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT on June 21st, 2013.

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Another Man's Treasure

(2013)  Greg Klyma delivers an emotionally charged blend of fan favorites from recent tours, and plenty of never-before-heard material on his eighth album, Another Man's Treasure.


(2013)  “I tend to think that the first people who attempted to record music must have felt themselves to be archivists in some way -- chroniclers of a new paradigm. I can only guess at the looks on the faces of those engineering pioneers and the subjects whom they recorded when they first listened back to the sounds which, moments before, had been drifting through the air from a voice or a violin -- sounds which, unil that point in time, would have disappeared the moment they left the source, save for the impressions they left on the listener. It's something that's all too easy to take for granted these days -- our ability to capture not just the sound, but the historical significance of person, time, and place. When I hear Lyle play, I'm reminded of just how grateful I am that this exists. The traditions he embodies, the care and skill he puts into each song, and the innovations he brings to the guitar are at first listen simply genius. But when I think more on this recording, I feel relieved to have such a great custodian of this modern history in our midst. With each phrase, he identifies and embellishes upon the paths and harmonies which have been influencing us for over a century. In the years to come, when future listeners are trying to piece together the evolution of the electirc guitar and its great masters, they can listen to Lyle's records and glean an understanding of this evolution. And, such is my case, be inspired to always go deeper. Thank you Lyle.” –Brad Barr

Green is Gold Vol 1

(2013)  The first half of Ghost of Jupiter's follow-up album arrives in the form of Green is Gold Vol 1. This EP includes five brand new tracks, all freshly recorded and currently available in digital download formats only.

On My Mind / In My Heart

(2013)  “It’s obvious from the title track that kicks off his first Alligator release, On My Mind / In My Heart, that Jesse Dee loves original R&B and soul. That’s not to say he’s a revivalist. All 11 tracks are original compositions which owe to the past, but not in a contrived manner. Dee soaked up R&B, Motown, doo woo, and soul by listening to oldies radio as a youth in the ’80s. He manages to conjure up Sam & Dave on “Tell Me (Before It’s Too Late)”, Smokey Robinson on “The Only Remedy”, Little Bob & The Lollipops (of “I Got Loaded” fame ), on the title cut, while “Stay Strong” is reminiscent of Sam Cooke. Modern R&B tends to get watered down with sterile production techniques and obvious attempts to reach a larger audience, when it could be like On My Mind / In My Heart : natural, engaging, fun, and groove-oriented.” –Al Campbell (AllMusic)

Sun Shot

(2013)  Produced by Assembly of Dust and Grammy Award-winning engineer Ryan Freeland. Featuring Reid Genauer, Adam Terrell, John Leccese, Dave Diamond and Jason Crosby. Sun Shot is one part singer-songwriter, one part alt-country and one part rock 'n' Roll, but the thread tying it all together is Genauer's heartfelt and beautifully written lyrics. In 2009 The New York Times praised Genauer's songwriting skills as some of the most eloquent “to emerge in the long wake of the Grateful Dead,” and the songs on Sun Shot may be the best work of his career.

My Name is Forgettable

(2012)  Reid Genauer live, solo-acoustic album.

Wicked Live!

(2012)  “Serving up a fresh take on an eclectic repertoire is a useful maneuver. Offering a clinic in taste and style? Water in the desert, people. But what's truly whup-tastic about this record is the purity that comes through the playing. They made this for the rightest of reasons: because they felt like it. Because they wanted to PLAY. They felt it, and when I listen, I feel it. I bet you will, too.” –Peter Mulvey

Ghosts of Jupiter

(2011)  This self-titled debut from Ghosts of Jupiter delivers a fresh spin on hard-swinging psychedelic rock while invariably taking the listener back to an era when music truly mattered. And though the fuzz and fire of the double guitar attack really fuels the vessel, it's Wilson's melodic songcraft and gifted traversal of light and dark imagery that makes this voyage accessible to a mass audience.

“The band's sound feeds on vintage fuzz, but the attack draws modern oil — proving the point that a lot has happened since Led Zeppelin.” –Jeff Wallace My Secret Boston

Cold Sky

(2011)  Cold Sky was recorded in a series of sessions over several years. All of the takes are live, with very little embellishment beyond what was happening in the room at that moment. A document of seven years worth of songs, this record finally brings Ryan Fitzsimmons' dynamic live show to a recorded format.

Music to My Fears

(2011)  Lyle Brewer's debut EP, recorded live in the studio with Mike Piehl on drums and Dean Cassell on bass. Infusing jazz, blues, rock and roots, this trio manages a fresh instrumental record that is sure to get the attention of any ears within range. And who knows, it may even quell a fear or two.

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