Found Sound

(2011)  Assembly of Dust's 2011 release Found Sound represents a “behind the curtain” look at a band that has gained notoriety as a studio/live performance hybrid. AOD's crew secretly recorded the band in order to capture totally inspired, unfiltered versions of their best material. While the album maintains the well crafted songs and lyrical depth that Genauer and company are known for, it separates itself from past efforts with an energetic delivery that showcases true musicianship. The energy captured on Found Sound represents what fans from coast to coast have known for years: music's best kept secret may have just been found.


(2010)  As the title suggests, this album is piano and mandolin driven, ranging from the fun-loving polka march to the "Kale Store" to the heartache-infused pop of "Easy Target." Other standout tracks include "Good Work," "Tongue" and "Minor Key."


(2010)  Debut album from Dwight & Nicole that offers a breath of gritty, soulful and rollicking fresh air. Sublime vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a searing band float these two toward the promised land; taking us along for the ride.


(2010)  Distinctive, high energy funk/rock/soul blend with a dose of dance grooves and DJ maneuvers. Peter is joined here by a full house of truly gifted friends, including Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), Alan Evans (original MBL, Soulive), Poogie Bell (Herbie Hancock), Jeremiah Hosea (James Blood Ulmer), Oja (Earthdriver), Ryan Montbleau, Jason Cohen, and Yahuba Garcia (Ryan Montbleau Band)... spinning up 14 original songs that will turn on your dizzymaker!

KLYMALIVE in Buffalo

(2009)  The rust belt vagabond live in Buffalo at the honkiest tonkiest beer joint in town.

Some Assembly Required

(2009)  Each of AOD's songs on this album are realized with an ace band and a diverse collection of collaborators including Béla Fleck, David Grisman, John Scofield, Mike Gordon, and Martin Sexton. Highlights include: opener “All That I am Now,” with Genauer trading verses with Richie Havens over a galloping, insistent beat and swirls of psychedelic guitar, the “Strawberry Fields”-esque “Arc of the Sun,” the aching beauty of “Light Blue Lover” with Genauer backed by the supple harmonies of Grace Potter and guitar work of Tony Rice, and the country shuffle of “Leadbelly,” enhanced by the masterful pedal steel of Jerry Douglas.

The Year of the Ox

(2009)  The second studio offering from The Lost Onion, where the title song “The Year of the Ox” was spawned by a placemat that depicted the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. That prompted research by Jen into some deeper Eastern philosophy and led to the discovery of the sacred Ox Herding Pictures. The story of this album is loosely based on those pictures as they apply to taming one's mind, all presented in the diverse musical fashion that is unmistakably The Lost Onion. With funky grooves, silky transitions, infectious chorus lines, and deep lyrical content, this is one album that makes a remarkable artistic statement.


(2008)  Before they were Ghosts, the Nate Wilson Group turned out this full-length psychedelic rock opus back in September of 2008. A dense, hard sound contrasted with Wilson's delicately edged voice has this album riding an animated surge full of big guitars, big motifs, and bold arrangements.

“Unbound crackles with Led Zep-like ferocity. With a seemingly endless supply of thunderous riffs at his disposal, Wilson and his crack band rekindle the glory days of '70s heavy psychedelia on tunes such as the menacing 'Scatterbrain' and the gloriously sludgy 'Hear the Echoes.'” –Christopher Blagg Boston Herald

The Superficial Deep

(2008)  The first full-length studio effort from hi8us showcasing their distinct blend of rock grooves and pop sensibility, all centered around carefully crafted songs. Not too poppy and not too jammy, but definitely somewhere in-between, and all of it distinctly original. This 13-track, 60-minute collection of trademark compositions is bound to have music fans of all stripes and colors irrevocably bobbing their heads.

Rust Belt Vagabond

(2008)  New school folk songs about Buffalo, NY, Father Baker and post-Katrina NOLA.

Bittersweet Batch

(2008)  Jesse's debut album has been described as a sort of white-boy retro-soul, long on attitude and stomp, short on subtlety. Huge, bracing horn hits and a driving doo-wop-styled boogie help frame Dee’s powerful, preacher-esque exhortations.

After All This Time

(2007) A top talent-powered album of rock and soul infusion that is sure to get you movin'. Recorded in collaboration with one-time Moon Boot Lover crew member Johnny Trama, and featuring an all-star cast including Eric Kalb (Deep Banana Blackout), Nate Wilson (Ghosts of Jupiter), Tommy Benedetti and Nate “Silas” Richardson (John Brown's Body), Gary Wicks, DJ Mister Rourke, Paul Ahlstrand, Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Brian Thomas, Rob Mercer, and Gary Backstrom.


(2007)  AOD has created an album of easy-flowing pop-soul with Recollection. The overall blueprint — Reid Genauer's Lowell George-styled vocals, smooth backing harmonies by his band mates, and mellow funk arrangements reminiscent of Little Feat — is firmly in place on the opening cut, “Grand Design.” Genauer is joined by keyboardist Nate Wilson, lead guitarist Adam Terrell, bassist John Leccese, and drummer Andrew Herrick on ten original songs. Assembly of Dust successfully mixes upbeat songs like “Samuel Aging” with slower, ballad-paced material like “40 Reasons,” giving Recollection a nice ebb and flow.


(2006)  With a playful intensity of horns and bass-driven, soulful funk grooves, The Lost Onion offers up it first full-length studio release. The variety of styles on this album range from straight-up funk to extremely danceable Latin jazz, where a 3-piece horn section and full percussion really set the tone. The vocals here are golden as well, flowing through the pipes of a woman who holds genuine soul and experience inside of her. The songs here blend sophisticated melodies and harmonies with sharp, story-like lyrics that offer snapshots of Jen Kearney's world.

Peter Prince

(2006)  A peek at the magician behind Moon Boot Lover — Peter Prince's debut solo release — resonating his lifelong influences of rock, folk, and R&B music at its roots. A sweeping round-up of old favorites delicately stripped down and served fresh, this album showcases Peter's distinctively soulful voice and lyrical lore, with songs that step in all walks of life.

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