Never Knew Caroline



(2017) “Singer Greg Klyma has been quietly perfecting his craft — and it all comes to fruition on this lovely, sometimes bittersweet but always intelligent new album. Klyma has an alluring, folk-country style and voice that falls somewhere between Steve Earle and Richie Furay of the old Buffalo Springfield. He gathered some heavy-hitters to play with him in guitarists Gurf Morlix and Bill Kirchen, whose artistry elevates this record to an uncommonly high degree. Klyma is no stranger to soured love relationships — and his need for healing is apparent in the title track and a couple of other tunes suffused with intimacy and poetic, heart-probing detail. There is hope in these grooves, though, when he realizes in the darkly challenging ‘Down in the Mouth’ that ‘things are looking up.’ Klyma is a true, throwback troubadour who also appreciates comic relief, as when he lightens up in the raucous ‘Ex-Girlfriends Cost Less Money than Ex-Wives.’ That sounds like a stadium singalong, but most of this album has a more meditative feel which shows Klyma continually emerging as an articulate, first-rate songwriter.” –Steve Morse (Boston Globe, Berklee College of Music)

  01. Never Knew Caroline 03:49
  02. Sand 04:23
  03. Kristofferson 04:25
  04. The Bastard Son 04:26
  05. Lonesome 03:43
  06. Down in the Mouth 03:01
  07. All the Other Bridges 04:45
  08. Sleeping Peacefully 02:16
  09. Ex-Girlfriends Cost Less Money Than Ex-Wives 04:01
  10. My Old Guitar 03:53

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