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The Superficial Deep

(2008)  The first full-length studio effort from hi8us showcasing their distinct blend of rock grooves and pop sensibility, all centered around carefully crafted songs. Not too poppy and not too jammy, but definitely somewhere in-between, and all of it distinctly original. This 13-track, 60-minute collection of trademark compositions is bound to have music fans of all stripes and colors irrevocably bobbing their heads.

Octopus Logo Sticker

A revamp of an old familiar favorite that reflects The Superficial Deep album color and design scheme. These 3" diameter vinyl stickers are rated to withstand harsh weather elements for up to six months before beginning to fade, and feature crack 'n' peel backing for easy application.

Blue Island Ringer

Standard issue cotton ringer tee in a baby blue/navy color combination featuring a multi-color “Blue Island” design on the front with the hi8us 8-ball logo and web address in navy on the back. Soft, durable, and never out of style. (men's / unisex sizes)

hi8us (EP)

(2003)  The self-titled debut EP from hi8us that helped forge and launch their musical journey, both in the studio and out on the road. Recorded at The Eagles' Nest Barn in Marshfield, MA, this EP features six of the oldest (and rarest) tracks in the band's repertoire, not to mention original hi8us drummer “Skinny Mike” Palica. Hear the beginnings of what has come to be known as their distinctive “Groove Pop” sound.

Octopus Logo Ringer

A heavyweight ringer tee in a heather grey/black color combination featuring a black & white “8-ball” octopus logo design on the front, and a hi8us web address in black on the back. (men's / unisex sizes)

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