Jesse Dee

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On My Mind / In My Heart

(2013)  “It’s obvious from the title track that kicks off his first Alligator release, On My Mind / In My Heart, that Jesse Dee loves original R&B and soul. That’s not to say he’s a revivalist. All 11 tracks are original compositions which owe to the past, but not in a contrived manner. Dee soaked up R&B, Motown, doo woo, and soul by listening to oldies radio as a youth in the ’80s. He manages to conjure up Sam & Dave on “Tell Me (Before It’s Too Late)”, Smokey Robinson on “The Only Remedy”, Little Bob & The Lollipops (of “I Got Loaded” fame ), on the title cut, while “Stay Strong” is reminiscent of Sam Cooke. Modern R&B tends to get watered down with sterile production techniques and obvious attempts to reach a larger audience, when it could be like On My Mind / In My Heart : natural, engaging, fun, and groove-oriented.” –Al Campbell (AllMusic)

Bittersweet Batch

(2008)  Jesse's debut album has been described as a sort of white-boy retro-soul, long on attitude and stomp, short on subtlety. Huge, bracing horn hits and a driving doo-wop-styled boogie help frame Dee’s powerful, preacher-esque exhortations.

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