(2013)  “I tend to think that the first people who attempted to record music must have felt themselves to be archivists in some way -- chroniclers of a new paradigm. I can only guess at the looks on the faces of those engineering pioneers and the subjects whom they recorded when they first listened back to the sounds which, moments before, had been drifting through the air from a voice or a violin -- sounds which, unil that point in time, would have disappeared the moment they left the source, save for the impressions they left on the listener. It's something that's all too easy to take for granted these days -- our ability to capture not just the sound, but the historical significance of person, time, and place. When I hear Lyle play, I'm reminded of just how grateful I am that this exists. The traditions he embodies, the care and skill he puts into each song, and the innovations he brings to the guitar are at first listen simply genius. But when I think more on this recording, I feel relieved to have such a great custodian of this modern history in our midst. With each phrase, he identifies and embellishes upon the paths and harmonies which have been influencing us for over a century. In the years to come, when future listeners are trying to piece together the evolution of the electirc guitar and its great masters, they can listen to Lyle's records and glean an understanding of this evolution. And, such is my case, be inspired to always go deeper. Thank you Lyle.” –Brad Barr

01. Hesitation Blues 03:54
  02. Villa 01:45
  03. San Antonio Rose 02:30
  04. Open 02:04
05. Deep River Blues 02:32
  06. Borsalino 03:04
  07. Jack 01:42
08. I'll See You in My Dreams 03:50
  09. Elmo's Song 01:02
  10. Chinatown, My Chinatown 02:07
  11. Close 01:20
  12. Body and Soul 02:07

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