Age of Blame



(2014)  In a pre-release review from Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald, Kearney’s “…booming soul voice and smart, tight songs provide the pillars of the eight tunes. But her band adds some awesome voodoo.” And according to freelance reviewer, Bill Copeland: “There is a more easeful flow coming from her instrumentation and she sings with greater eloquence. Kearney shows more tasteful self-restraint than ever, and she offers more fine touches throughout this album than her previous recordings.”

Lyrically, Age of Blame offers deeply personal and hopeful perspective on a myriad of subjects—the main theme being the importance of maintaining balance and love in an ever-evolving world where blame, fear, self-sabotage and deflection are all too easy to succumb to as human contact has receded.

  01. Waiting for It 04:14
02. Too Far 03:32
  03. Overwhelming 04:22
  04. Corner of My Eye 03:50
  05. Better 04:01
  06. What If 04:05
07. Age of Blame 04:45
  08. Sanctuary in Sabotage 05:31

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