(2007)  AOD has created an album of easy-flowing pop-soul with Recollection. The overall blueprint — Reid Genauer's Lowell George-styled vocals, smooth backing harmonies by his band mates, and mellow funk arrangements reminiscent of Little Feat — is firmly in place on the opening cut, “Grand Design.” Genauer is joined by keyboardist Nate Wilson, lead guitarist Adam Terrell, bassist John Leccese, and drummer Andrew Herrick on ten original songs. Assembly of Dust successfully mixes upbeat songs like “Samuel Aging” with slower, ballad-paced material like “40 Reasons,” giving Recollection a nice ebb and flow.


(2006)  With a playful intensity of horns and bass-driven, soulful funk grooves, The Lost Onion offers up it first full-length studio release. The variety of styles on this album range from straight-up funk to extremely danceable Latin jazz, where a 3-piece horn section and full percussion really set the tone. The vocals here are golden as well, flowing through the pipes of a woman who holds genuine soul and experience inside of her. The songs here blend sophisticated melodies and harmonies with sharp, story-like lyrics that offer snapshots of Jen Kearney's world.

Peter Prince

(2006)  A peek at the magician behind Moon Boot Lover — Peter Prince's debut solo release — resonating his lifelong influences of rock, folk, and R&B music at its roots. A sweeping round-up of old favorites delicately stripped down and served fresh, this album showcases Peter's distinctively soulful voice and lyrical lore, with songs that step in all walks of life.


(2006)  Smart, Sexy Americana-AAA Rock. A cool ride through unrequited love and lust. Taken that ride yourself? Next time, don't get in the car without your Driver.


(2004)  The 2nd full-length album from Dwight Ritcher.  With unmistakable traces of James Brown and Tyrone Davis, Dwight effectively integrates hard funk and sweet R&B into these originals, finding that elusive feel that is at the center of soul music.

The Honest Hour

(2004)  An album recorded live and with an ear and mind toward song craft — Genauer seamlessly melds the two and uniquely bridges that gap once and for all. The disc's nine songs are a mix of new AOD songs and re-imagined versions of songs Genauer wrote for his former band, Strangefolk. Culled from a show in Troy, NY in early 2004, The Honest Hour, the band's spirited sophomore disc, boasts both the open-sky breeziness and energy of a live show, but also the pristine production of a studio album. The songs on The Honest Hour are genuine, timeless, and substantive: a testament to critics who early on dubbed Genauer “one of the most vital voices, singers, storytellers and songwriters of today's live music scene.”

Open All Night

(2004)  This debut album from Ryan Fitzsimmons is a statement of his history, pulling the listener in with questions and emotions from everyday life. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from Peter Mulvey to Richard Thompson to Johnny Cash, Fitzsimmons paints moving, moody portraits buoyed by exciting and intelligent guitar arrangements.

hi8us (EP)

(2003)  The self-titled debut EP from hi8us that helped forge and launch their musical journey, both in the studio and out on the road. Recorded at The Eagles' Nest Barn in Marshfield, MA, this EP features six of the oldest (and rarest) tracks in the band's repertoire, not to mention original hi8us drummer “Skinny Mike” Palica. Hear the beginnings of what has come to be known as their distinctive “Groove Pop” sound.

The Assembly of Dust

(2003)  A solo album by Reid Genauer entitled The Assembly of Dust. The band was originally billed under Reid's name and then as “Reid Genauer and The Assembly of Dust” after the release of this record. The line-up featured what was at the time a veritable who's who of the New England jam scene, friends whose paths had crossed countless times and had shared the stage on numerous occasions — keyboardist Nate Wilson and bassist John Leccese of Percy Hill, guitarist Adam Terrell of Groove Child, and drummer Andy Herrick of Moon Boot Lover — they would of course become Assembly of Dust.

Drive Around Town

(2002)  Debut album from the Dwight Ritcher Band that delivers an old-school rhythm and blues with heart; deep vocals, and a fantastic band that is sure to make this one of your favorites.

Live Down Deep

(2001)  An early incarnation of Moon Boot Lover featuring Neal and Alan Evans (Soulive) on keys and drums respectively, and Jon Hawes on bass. All three also contribute vocals to this live, 60-minute boot to the head. The mayhem took place at Bogie's in New York, back sometime in 1995, yet the disc was released years later in 2001.

Catskill Martian Dogs

(2009)  Recorded years back in 1997 and infamous for its non-release, this album eventually became available as a digital-only release a full 12 years later. This is high-octane “Rock-ET Soul” mixed with feel-good grooves from the original power trio featuring Alan Evans on drums & vocals, and Neal Evans on keys & vocals... the definitive old school Moon Boot sound.

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