Lyle Brewer



(2015)  “Most of us stand at the fences. We stand at the edge of a musical field where sharp-toothed secrets and rumors lurk, a field into which we are afraid to venture. We settle for the fleeting joy found in our voyeurism of virtuosity. But on the other side in plain sight, with steady hands is Lyle Brewer. Playing the familiar to fantastical, vulnerable and sultry, Lyle has made a record to shepherd us over the field and into the fold. The appreciation for his mastery of technique and style is by no means lost on this release. His craft is as honed as ever. But what is truly a gift is the comfort found in his compositions. An honest breath drawn from deep within. A collection of still small melodies, played on six simple strings, to help us find our peace.” –Dietrich Strause

01. Under Sail 03:18
  02. Through The Window 00:59
03. Fire On An Empty Street 02:42
04. Southpaw 04:09
  05. Nightjar 00:57
06. Work Your Magic 05:34
  07. White Glacier 01:39
  08. Birds In Circles 02:21
  09. Negative Space 02:47
  10. Wish I Could See You Again 03:55
  11. When It Was April 00:48
  12. Latches 02:32
  13. In Your Absence 01:47

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